If you’ve been doing the same thing for years and want to add in more movement practises that will compliment existing movement, then yoga is perfect. If you do a lot of sports or strength work, yoga is also really helpful in rebalancing your body and helping it become more mobile. If your mind can get overloaded and your soul enjoys a little TLC then yoga ticks many boxes. A suitable class to you can make you feel empowered and energised, who doesn’t want that? Classes are designed to help build tone, flexibility and boost mood. Flow and Restore will start with dynamic movement to help tone and stretch you….you begin to feel like a warrior before heading into restorative postures to calm your system down.

Starting yoga for the first time can be daunting. Sometimes there are names we don’t understand and unfamiliar moves and we can feel silly, not to mention all the breathing. It takes guts to be a beginner. The good news is at The Health Hub, we only have 8 in a room and it’s pretty new for everyone, there is absolutely no judgment or competition in this small group. We welcome people from all levels where you can get comfortable and confident.
* Disclaimer, not for show offs, over stretchers, or anyone taking it too seriously. Of course it matters and we respect it but our lives don’t depend on it – we enjoy it : )
Our first sessions begin on Monday July 4th at 5:30pm and Friday 8th July at 6pm. Both classes will be at a manageable pace where you can learn and develop slowly… what’s the rush?
If you want to know something that isn’t covered here, please do feel free to email us on hello@healthhub.co.uk or ask any member of staff for advice.